Version 2.5.4

I have just released an update that fixes multiple bugs. Big thanks to Ofecks for his excellent bug report.

List of the most important changes in the update:

• Adds section text with item lists
• Fixes bug with potential permanent Kai Weapon bonus in sections where the fight starts unarmed
• Fixes bug with discipline usage not being forced in sections not offering a choice
• Removes Project Aon footnote numbers from text
• Fixes typo in the dialog when dropping an item
• Fixes item ordering not being updated when dropping an item
• Fixes bugs with an incorrectly displayed ampersand
• Allows usage of Obhantor and Venell from the meal choice menu
• Adds missing illustrations
• Adds notification when there is not enough belt pouch space remaining
• Fixes multiple bugs in specific sections

You can download the update from Google Play Store.

As usual, if you encounter any problems please let me know in the forum.

Good luck and have fun!