Version 2.6.1 – The Storms of Chai


I have just released a new update that adds the 9th book in the series, The Storms of Chai, as the book is now distributed under the Project Aon license.

Moreover, save slots are now free for everyone. I have decided to do this because I feel like the app has reached the end of its lifecycle and this will make it more accessible for newcomers (even though strictly speaking it is against the core rules). Thank you for the support from people who bought the save slots in the past. If you would like to get a refund for your save slot purchase, please email me the transaction id and I will refund it.

You can download the update from Google Play Store. Keep in mind that it might take longer than normal for the update to appear because the Play Store servers might be overloaded.

As usual, if you encounter any problems please let me know in the forum, I will fix them ASAP. I have done playtests, but this book has a lot of new mechanics and rules, so there might be issues I have not uncovered yet.

Enjoy the update and stay safe during these difficult times!