Initial Release

Hello, Lone Wolf fans,

I have developed an Android playing aid software for the Lone Wolf New Order series. To my knowledge, there is currently no other app that allows you to play this last part of the series, since most other applications start from gamebook 1, and either have not yet reached the last series or they don’t even plan to.

I know this last series is not as popular as the previous ones, but I still think it is pretty good, and that it is important to preserve it in an app form.

You can download the Android app from Google Play. It is completely free without any in-app purchases.

Currently, the first two books are fully playable, and I want to continue adding more books to the app over time. You can find more info on the app landing page.

If the app crashes for any reason, you will be able to send me a report when you start the app again. If you spot any other bug, please report it on the Project Aon forum, I will try and fix it ASAP.

I hope you enjoy the app!