Version 2.0.2

Hi everyone,

I have just released a new major update of the Lone Wolf New Order app. It adds the fourth gamebook called Rune War – a really good one, I have enjoyed preparing it a lot, hope you will enjoy playing it! You can download the new Android version from Google Playstore.

I have added the option to donate from within the app itself, and I have added the option to purchase a much requested save slot! Since I consider it technically cheating and this whole update took me a lot of time to implement, it is available for a small price of $0.99.

Another new thing is the option to change section text size and font. Keep in mind this will currently only influence the section text itself. 5 fonts are available: Normal, Serif, Monospace, EB Garamond, and Cormorand Garamond. If you have a font preference that is not available, but it is available in this library, then let me know and I will add it in the next release.

In addition to that, I have fixed all the reported bugs and some others that I have found myself.

Enjoy the new book and let me know on the Project Aon forum if you encounter any problems, I will fix them ASAP.

Good luck and have fun!