Version 2.4.0

Hi everyone,

I have just released a new version of the Lone Wolf New Order app that adds the last gamebook in the series available on Project Aon – The Hunger of Sejanoz!

I have also fixed all the reported bugs and added some new functionality, including:

  • Hints for riddles that would normally require backtracking some information

  • Newly revamped items page (with separated categories) that allows item reordering and shows remaining space

  • Number of total coins value in gold crowns is now displayed in the top bar

  • Added option to view stats when selecting books and link to e-shop where you can continue your adventure soon in The Storms of Chai

  • Pinch to zoom now works on Android 9 (Pie)

You can download the update from Google Play Store or via the link on the website.

For now, this is the last book available, but I still plan to add some of the requested features like manual use of Curing, manual Random Number Table, and storage of items between adventures.

Enjoy the new book and let me know on the forum if you encounter any problems, I will fix them ASAP. Please continue to support the world of Lone Wolf on!

Good luck and have fun!